Fall 2018 Season

This page contains or links to information about the Fall 2018 season, including team schedules, the practice field schedule, and links to the referee schedule (where refs can sign up for matches).  For information that isn't specific to a particular season (e.g., field locations, or what colors to wear for home/away matches), see the Information pages for players and parents.

The Fall 2018 Whew sheet (which you get when you attend a registration event) has important dates and information about the Fall 2018 season.  Additional information is available below.

Note: this page will always be under construction until the season is over.  When information becomes available, there will be more links available in each section.  (For example, the match schedules section will have links to the schedules when they become available.)

Many Changes!

There were several changes to the soccer laws and AYSO policies in 2016, including restrictions on heading, allowable kickoff directions, and the location of the offside restart.  There were several more changes that took effect in Fall 2017, including one that changes how players are assigned to age divisions.  Some are described below, but we've also created a separate page with more details about these changes.


We will hold registration events at the AYSO office, but to cut down on the time you spend at the office, you should start registering your player(s) online.  For details, see our Registration page.   If you have a question, please contact the registrar at registrar@aysoregion390.org or using our Contact Us page.

Jamboree (5U)

Jamboree is the AYSO soccer program for players 5 and under.  If you have further questions about the Jamboree program that aren't answered on our Jamboree page, please send an email to the Jamboree program coordinator at jamboree@aysoregion390.org.

Law and Policy Changes

Fall 2016 brought several changes in the soccer rules (called laws) and policies for AYSO soccer.  The most notable are:

  • Heading restrictions:  Players 12U and below are not allowed to head the ball in practice or games.  Players 14U and above can head the ball in games and practices, though 14U players are allowed to practice heading no more than 30 minutes per week.
  • Kickoffs:  The ball may be kicked in any direction.  All players except the one taking the kickoff must be in their own half of the field when the ball is kicked, and players of the non-kicking team must be outside the center circle.
  • Offside:  After an offside infraction occurs, the indirect free kick restart is taken from the location of the infraction (where the offending player became involved in the play).
  • Injury treatment: Players injured in a yellow card foul may be treated on the field and left in the match if the referee thinks the time required for treatment will be brief.

More detail about the law changes is available at the IFAB web site, including the full Laws of the Game document and a document focusing on the law changes.  Note that these are the laws as published by IFAB, and do not contain AYSO amendments and policies.

Match Schedules (8U and above)

These are the match schedules, organized by age division.  If the links in the table aren't active, the schedule has not been posted yet.  The text on the match schedule PDFs may be small so as to fit it all on one page.  Use your zoom buttons to zoom in to make it more legible.

Remember: Region 390 teams wear burgundy jerseys when the home team, and silver when the away (guest) team.  Bring both jerseys to all games anyway, in case you have to switch.

 10U-B 10U-G
 12U-B 12U-G
 14U-B 16U-G

Referee Schedule

The Fall 2018 Referee Schedule shows who has volunteered to referee the matches being held in Oak Ridge each week.  If you are an AYSO-certified referee and would like to volunteer to referee a match, please send an email to our referee administrator at refadmin@aysoregion390.org.

Reschedule Games

Coaches, see the information about requesting a game reschedule on the Coach Information Page (about halfway down) for information about requesting a reschedule and a link to the web form to request a make-up game.  You must request your game be rescheduled using this form - it allows the referee administrator to put the rescheduled game on the referee schedule, and allows us to request a permit from the city for the rescheduled game.

Practice Field Schedule

The Fall 2018 season practice field schedule shows when and where each team is scheduled to practice.  If you are trying to schedule a make-up match, check this schedule to see which teams might be displaced (including SCOR teams) and be sure to contact them.

Field Painting Schedule

The Fall 2018 field painting schedule shows when each team is responsible for painting the field lines.  Contact your team coach for information about helping to paint fields.

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