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2014 Area 5G SoccerFEST

On May 3, 2014, AYSO Region 390 will host the Area 5G #SoccerFEST14 in Oak Ridge.  On that day, Area 5G players will be joining tens of thousands of other AYSO players from across the country for a day of soccer fun!  If enough players participate, we will set the World Record for the Biggest Pick-up Game on Earth.

The Area 5G #SoccerFEST format will be 3v3 games on small fields.  Each team will have at most 5 players, so each player will get lots of playing time in each game.  (Note, as of April 28, 2014: we will be using a 3v3 format instead of 5v5.)

Teams will be formed on site, and players coach themselves - no other coaching allowed (a team "coach" will help get players to the correct field on time, and can help make sure player substitutions happen so that each player gets approximately the same amount of playing time in each game). 

For more information, see the complete #SoccerFEST14 rules.


Our #SoccerFEST14 event will be held at LaSalle Fields in Oak Ridge.  Note, April 13, 2014: due to revised numbers, #SoccerFEST14 will not be held in two sessions as originally announced.  Instead, there will be one session, from 10am to 2pm.


You can register beforehand or the day of the event.  To register before the day of the event, visit the Area 5G #SoccerFEST14 registration site.  On the day of the event, players register at LaSalle Fields.  NO CREDIT CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE SOCCERFEST EVENT ON MAY 3 - CASH OR CHECK ONLY.

The registration fee is $15 per player with #SoccerFEST14 commemorative t-shirt, $10 per player for registration without t-shirt.  To receive a #SoccerFEST14 t-shirt, a player must register by April 18, 2014.

Social Media Contests

The AYSO National  #SoccerFEST14 Squad is running a couple of social media contests surrounding #SoccerFEST14. For more, information please visit AYSO.org/SoccerFEST.  Information about the #SoccerFEST14 social media contests is near the bottom left of that page.


Putting on a #SoccerFEST14 event worthy of our Area 5G players will require lots of volunteers: people to help with setup, player check-in, refereeing, first aid, concessions, team "coach," and clean-up.  Please consider giving two or four hours that day so that the kids can have a great time playing soccer.  See the #SoccerFEST14 volunteer sign-up form to sign up.  Volunteers who register by April 18, 2014 will receive a complimentary #SoccerFEST t-shirt.


Please send questions to the Area 5G #SoccerFEST14 director at soccerfest14@aysoregion390.org.

Philip Roth,
May 1, 2014, 7:47 AM