Game Fields

AYSO Region 390 uses four game field locations in Oak Ridge, TN:
See our FIeld Closure Notification page for an easy way to receive notifications when game fields are closed (or re-opened after having been closed).

Out of Town Fields

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Oak Ridge team's coach to verify directions with the other region's coach, and to make directions available to the parents.  If any inaccuracies are found, please email the Region 390 webmaster.

NOTE: this section is under construction.  Field directions will be added - please be patient.

Directions to many out-of-town fields where Region 390 teams commonly play may be found courtesy of Region 325's field directions page.  Directions to fields not listed on that page may often be found using a web search for the field name, or AYSO Region number.

Practice Fields

In addition to these game fields, AYSO Region 390 teams practice at several other locations within Oak Ridge, including:
  • Big Turtle Park
  • Robertsville Middle School
  • Cedar Hill Park
  • Briarcliff Park (map and directions)
  • Willow Brook Elementary
  • Elm Grove Park
  • Glenwood Elementary
  • Woodland Elementary
  • First Presbyterian Church

Rules for Using Fields

The fields we use for practices and games are not owned by Region 390.  When our teams use these fields, we are guests and must abide by certain rules including:
  1. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on practice or game fields.  Violations can result in AYSO Region 390 losing all use of all fields.  
  2. Damage to fields or surrounding property (for example, school property) can result in AYSO Region 390 losing use of the field.
  3. All fields must be left clean after each game and practice.  Parents should clean up after themselves and their children.  If you see litter left by someone else, please help by picking it up and putting it in the trash can.
  4. From time to time, a field's property owner performs maintenance to improve field conditions.  Please respect the property owner's efforts by staying away from areas under maintenance.