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Field Closure Notifications

As much as we might not like it, sometimes the weather makes it impossible or unwise to use the game fields and we have to close the fields.  Starting with the Spring 2014 season, we are implementing a new way to let you know when fields are closed.  You can sign up to receive notification via text message or email when the fields are closed.  To do this, visit our RainedOut page, enter your cell phone number and/or your email address, and follow the instructions on that site to complete your RainedOut registration.  Whenever game fields are closed (or opened after having been closed), our Fields Manager will send a message using RainedOut about the fields status.  It's great!

Note: even if game fields are closed, your coach may still hold practice on a non-game field such as a city park.  Your coach won't use this RainedOut system to communicate with you about rescheduling/relocating practices - it is only used for notifying about closure of game fields.  Check with your coach to see how he or she will communicate with you in situations like this.