Parent Information

This page contains information that parents and guardians of players in Region 390 need to know.  Parents should also know all the information  on the Player Information page.  Also, see our Volunteer page to see how parents and guardians can help make their child's AYSO experience to be the best it can be. 


All AYSO players must be registered for each season that they play.  See the Registration page for information about how to register.

Heading Restrictions (New for Fall 2016)

In 2016, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF, of which AYSO is a part) placed restrictions on heading the ball by youth players to avoid the potential for concussion.  In AYSO, the restrictions are:

  • For players in the U12 and younger divisions, heading in games and practices is prohibited.  If a player heads the ball during a game, an indirect free kick from the location of the header is given to the opposing team.
  • For players in the U14 and older divisions, heading is allowed in games and practices.  However, for U14 players, heading practice is limited to 30 minutes per week.
Note that these restrictions are not optional -- AYSO coaches and referees must abide by them.

U6 Program

U6 teams practice twice per week. For one of these practices, players will meet with their own team and coach. The coach sets the evening and location for these practices. Be sure to indicate on your registration form if your player will have conflicts on a particular evening each week. The second practice is a "university"-style practice where all U6 players and coaches meet together. This university practice allows players to get a chance to get comfortable with the people they will be seeing throughout the season, and who may be their future teammates and coaches. These university practices are held at LaSalle Park on Saturday mornings. For the last few weeks of the season, teams will play each other in games at the university practices. The games are designed to give them a feel for the games they will experience when they move up to the U8 age level.


See the Player Information page for details about the uniforms used by players in AYSO Region 390.  You can buy uniforms used by Region 390 teams at the AYSO Office during a registration period.  Uniforms are sold only during registration and "equipment night" events at the AYSO Office.  Your coach will not be able to sell you a uniform.

Uniform costs (subject to change) are:
 Complete Uniform (jerseys, shorts, socks, shin guards) $50
 Jersey (set of two, home and away) $30
 Shorts $15
 Socks $6
 Shin Guards $10
 U5 package (t-shirt, socks, shin guards, size 3 ball) $25


Because we believe it is important for a child to get as many "touches" on a ball as possible, we believe each child should have their own ball of the right size for practice at home.  Also, coaches in our region expect that each of their players will bring a ball of the right size to team practices.  See the Player Information page for information about the size of ball used by each AYSO age division. 

Size 3, 4, and 5 balls can be purchased during registration at the AYSO Office for a very competitive price.  Balls may also be purchased at many sporting goods stores.  Be sure to purchase the right size ball for your child - see the Player Information page for more information.


See our Fields Information page for information about game and practice fields, including how to get notified when fields are closed.