Starting in Fall 2017, AYSO is using a new web site for registration. Instead of registering players at eAYSO, parents and guardians now register at the AYSO Region 390 registration site.  Eventually, we will move all information from this web site to the new one.

Note that our new registration site allows you to pay your player's registration fee online using a credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express).  If you need to buy a uniform, shin guards, or a ball, you can buy them during one of our registration events.  We can only accept cash or check for uniform/equipment purchases.

AYSO has provided instructions for registering your player(s).  These instructions provide step-by-step instructions with screen shots to show you what your screen should look like and where to click at each step.  Although the instructions are good, and we recommend you to follow them, be aware that there are a few instances where the instructions differ slightly from what you will see or have to do.  The following notes describe these differences, or provides additional information that should make the registration process easier.

Note: using a recent version of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome will reduce the likelihood of problems filling out the registration web forms.

Step 1.  Use the AYSO Region 390 registration site to reach our registration page.

Step 4.  If you are registering a returning player, provide the same parent/guardian information as you used in eAYSO (as much as possible) to help increase the likelihood that the new registration site can link your account with your former eAYSO account.

Step 7.  Choose the 'Spring 2018 Core' program to register a player, including for Jamboree and VIP players.

Step 8.  You will need to check the boxes for three waivers, not two.

Steps 9 and 10.  Follow these instructions about completing your e-signature carefully.

Step 16.  You can pay your registration fee online using credit card or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express).  The "Payment Method" you see will only have the Credit Card option.  If you must pay your registration fee using cash or check, please ask when you come in to one of our registration events.

Step 20.  Print 2 copies of your player's registration form and bring them to one of our registration events.  Also, bring a copy of your receipt from paying the registration fee as proof of payment.

Important: all Region 390 registration forms are now completed online.  This saves your family time and Registration and keeps player fees low.  Remember to complete the form by choosing the e-signature option, and print two copies.  If you don't have Internet access, you can fill out the form online during a Registration Event at the AYSO office, but you will save yourself time by registering online beforehand.

See the Region 390 Calendar or our News page for information about upcoming Registration Events.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act Forms

Tennessee passed the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act in April 2015.  Parents/guardians must submit a signed Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act form for each player registered to play AYSO soccer.  We will have these forms available to sign during registration events, but you can also find the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act form online for you to print out, sign, and bring with you to a registration event.

Registration Fees

Starting Fall 2017, the registration fees are:

 Oak Ridge Resident
 $47.50 per player + 
$17.50 yearly AYSO National Membership Fee (due once per Fall/Spring playing year)
 Non-Oak Ridge Resident
 $75 per player
 Late Registration Fee
 $15 in addition to the regular fee

Note: the registration fee for AYSO Region 390 does not include a uniform or other equipment.  The registration fee can be paid online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express).  If you must pay by cash or check, please come to one of our registration events.  Note that if you need to buy a uniform, shin guards, or practice ball, we can only accept cash or check at one of our registration events.   Checks should be made payable to AYSO Region 390

What's next after registering?

See our Parent Information page and Player Information page.  Also, see our Volunteer page to see how parents and guardians can help make their child's AYSO experience be the best it can be.  See our Calendar page for upcoming events.