Jamboree is an AYSO soccer program for players who are four years old that teaches players the fundamentals of soccer and involves parents in a fun, supportive, positive atmosphere.  Under the direction of a Master Coach, Jamboree players work with a parent "one-with-one" during each practice to work on soccer skills and to learn about the game.  After practicing skills, the players are divided into small teams to play a real soccer game.  See this AYSO Jamboree page for more information about the Jamboree program.

A child is eligible to register for the Jamboree program if they have turned 4 before the first day of practice for the upcoming season.  Note that this age requirement is different than for the divisions 6U and above, where a player's age division is determined by their age as of January 1.  See our Registration page for more information about how to determine which age division your child will be in.

All Jamboree players must be registered.  See our Registration page for information about how to register, and our Calendar and News pages for information about the next registration event.  See the tab for the current season (e.g., Spring 2015 Season) for details about when and where Jamboree practices will be held.  If you have a question about the jamboree program that isn't answered elsewhere in the web site, please send an email to our Jamboree program coordinator at jamboree@aysoregion390.org.