Spring 2017 U10 EXTRA Teams


The AYSO EXTRA program provides support for players who want additional development beyond that provided by their core AYSO team.  In Oak Ridge AYSO Region 390, we implement the AYSO EXTRA Concurrent program, whereby players who participate in an EXTRA team must also participate in their core AYSO team.  According to AYSO, the players for the EXTRA team(s) are selected via tryouts defined by the AYSO EXTRA Program "Open Tryouts Procedure" document. An AYSO EXTRA team may play matches against AYSO and non-AYSO competition, but must abide by the AYSO Six Philosophies regardless of the competitive environment.

For the spring 2017 season, Oak Ridge AYSO Region 390 considered fielding a U10 EXTRA team and a U10 girls EXTRA team, determined by indications of people willing to coach these two teams.   Tryouts for these EXTRA teams were held on Saturday, March 11, 2017, and a late tryout was held on Tuesday, April 11, 2017.  Tryouts were held according to the AYSO EXTRA "Open Tryouts Procedure" document, but as adapted for the available number of evaluators, number of players, and weather conditions.

Tryout Director

Philip Roth served as tryout director.  Besides possibly refereeing matches played by these EXTRA teams, Roth has no involvement with the EXTRA team(s).  Please direct questions regarding the tryouts to Roth at philip.roth@aysoregion390.org.


According to AYSO EXTRA requirements, the people evaluating players trying out for an AYSO EXTRA team must have an AYSO Intermediate, Advanced, or National Coach certification.  The training for these coach certifications include content about player evaluation.  In Oak Ridge AYSO Region 390, there are a limited number of coaches with such certification levels.  The evaluators present for the Spring 2017 EXTRA team tryouts were:
  • Tom Insalaco: AYSO National Coach
  • Michael Parks: AYSO Intermediate Coach
  • Philip Roth: AYSO Advanced Coach
  • John Waddell: AYSO Advanced Coach


Kevin Vogt, Oak Ridge AYSO Region 390 Coach Administrator, and Steven Schwengels, Oak Ridge Region 390 Referee Administrator, served as on-field coaches to the players trying out for the EXTRA team(s).  We thank them for their service.


The tryout procedure involved four sessions.   In each session, players were divided into two teams.  The first session was possession game - players sought to demonstrate skills related to possessing the ball by their own team, including passing, shielding, dribbling, and turning.  In this first session, the evaluators considered passing, dribbling, and shielding skills.  

The second and third sessions were a full-field game-like situation with goalkeepers.  During these sessions, the evaluators considered tactical positioning skills, and attacking and defending skills.  For players that indicated they were interested in being goalkeepers, an evaluator considered goalkeeping skills.

The final session involved only those players who indicated they were interested in being goalkeepers.  An evaluator focused only on those players' goalkeeping performance.

U10 Boys EXTRA Team
During the tryouts, evaluators rated players based on technical skills (ball skills including dribbling, passing, shielding), tactical (positioning), functional attacking and functional defending skills. Evaluators also rated players on their coachability/attitude/leadership skills.  Evaluators weighted the technical/tactial/functional skills at 85%, and coachability/attitude/leadership skills at 15%.

To be fair to players who were not available during the regularly-scheduled EXTRA team tryouts, we announce 10 accepted players from the 3/11 tryouts and reserve the right to add players to the EXTRA team based on the results of potential late tryouts.  We emphasize that players who tried out on 3/11 who are not listed here are still in consideration for the EXTRA team.

We congratulate the players making the Spring 2017 U10B EXTRA team:
  1. Aiden Clements
  2. Cyril Meredith
  3. Arlo Craven
  4. Caleb Sweet
  5. Carson Morgan
  6. Zach Williamson
  7. James Pennington
  8. Cayden Greenhalgh
  9. Happy Crowley
  10. Porter Johnson
  11. Seth Blair
  12. Juno Morrill
  13. Daniel Jackson
If you wish to see the evaluator ratings for your player, or have questions regarding the evaluations, please email the Tryout Directory, Philip Roth, at philip.roth@aysoregion390.org.

We emphasize - if your player is not on this list, it does not mean that your player is not on the team.  We are reserving decisions for some slots in case there are players who wish to try out who were not available for the regularly-scheduled tryouts.  All decisions will be made by Tuesday, March 21.

U10 Girls EXTRA Team

No U10 girls attended the tryouts.  Therefore, Oak Ridge AYSO Region 390 will not field a U10G EXTRA team for the Spring 2017 season.