AYSO is a volunteer-run organization.  Within Region 390, none of the coaches, referees, board members, or other adult volunteers are paid for what they do to provide AYSO soccer to our community. 

Some people think they are too busy to volunteer for AYSO.  If you are one of those people, please consider two things:  first, it is very likely that the people who are volunteering for Region 390 are busy people too;  second, there are many ways to volunteer within AYSO Region 390 that don't have the same time requirements as coaching/refereeing and don't require being on the field.

For more information about volunteering within AYSO, see this page on becoming a volunteer.

Application Process

All AYSO volunteers must be registered with AYSO, and must submit a volunteer application each year.

The first step with submitting a new application or to renew an application is to go to the eAYSO site. If you have never used eAYSO, click on one of the buttons under the login and password fields that applies to your situation. For instance, if you have never volunteered, click the button labeled "I am new to AYSO and want to volunteer." The web site will guide you through creating an eAYSO account so that you can fill out the volunteer application.

If you have volunteered using eAYSO before, first log into the site using your username and password. Once logged in, you will see a page with a menu at the top and a collection of links. On the right column, there sections for "Adults wanting to volunteer" and "Youths wanting to volunteer." Under each of these sections there are links for new volunteers and returning volunteers. Click on the link that applies to your situation, and the web site will guide you through the application process.

For new volunteers, the Region 390 Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) must verify your identity. Print two copies of your volunteer application form and bring them and a photo ID to any Region 390 registration period.  If there are no open registration periods scheduled, contact us using our Contact Us form to coordinate when you will turn in your forms.

If you are a returning volunteer, you no longer need to turn in paper forms to the Region's CVPA. Instead, you can e-sign your application form on eAYSO, and no paper forms or ID verification with the registrar is required.

If you have already volunteered, the eAYSO site also has links to update your volunteer information, print your volunteer form, and view your current certifications (for coaches, referees, and other administrative roles).

Enrolling in a class For those who need to enroll in a course (such as coach training or referee training), there is a link on this eAYSO page at the bottom of the right column titled "Enroll to take a class." Select that link, search for the course you wish to enroll in (note this shows courses given all over the country - you probably want to limit it to the Oak Ridge or maybe Knoxville area), and enroll!

Safe Haven All volunteers who work with players in any way must complete AYSO Safe Haven training in addition to submitting a volunteer form. The Save Haven training can be taken online at the AYSO training site.