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Referee Training

AYSO has two types of basic referee training:
  • Basic Referee Course: a full-day in-person course with classroom and field training components
  • Online training plus Basic Referee Online Companion Course: an online course plus a half-day in-person field training
When we announce a basic referee training, the announcement will say which type of training it will be.  See the following sections for more information about each type, including instructions about what you need to do to complete each type.

Who Can Take the Training?

Adults and youth 10 years old and older can take the referee training.  You don't have to know anything about soccer before taking the training - we will teach you what you need to know.

Enroll for the Course

Regardless of the type of course, be sure to enroll for the course at http://www.eayso.org, and be sure to do so early.  We may cancel the course if we don't have enough people enrolled for the course at www.eayso.org by a certain date a few days before the course.

To enroll, you will need to log into http://www.eayso.org.  If you've never volunteered for AYSO before, you will first have to click on "New Adult Volunteer" or "New Youth Volunteer" and fill out the volunteer form.  Note two things:
  • If you've volunteered before, you may need to update your volunteer form but you won't need to create a new account.
  • Youth who are also players will have to create a separate account at eAYSO for their volunteer, and register for the training using their volunteer AYSO ID number, not their player ID number.
Once your volunteer form is up-to-date, you click on "Sign Up to Take a Class" link to reach a page that lets you look up the available courses.  The course announcement should give a roster number and say which of the two types of courses it is, but if not, you can look it up by city, state, date, and type of course.  Be sure to read the pages carefully to make sure you are signed up for the course.  To check, at the eAYSO home page you can click on "View Enrolled Classes" - the one you just enrolled for should show up in your list.

Take Safe Haven

You must take the Safe Haven course available at http://aysotraining.org before attending the in-person referee training.  This is required to interact with youth or VIP players and volunteers, and we may be doing that during the referee training.

Basic Referee Course - Full Day In-Person Course

The Full-Day In-Person course is called the Basic Referee Course.   It involves some classroom presentations and some work on the soccer field, so you should wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear.  (Soccer cleats are not required, tennis shoes are fine for the training.)  At the end of the training we give the Basic Referee exam.  Taking the training and passing the exam are both required to receive the AYSO Regional Referee certification, but we cover everything you need to know to pass the exam during the training.

Although this type of training takes the better part of one day, it has the advantage that at least one instructor is available to answer your questions throughout the day.

Other than registering as a volunteer, and enrolling for the course, you don't have to do anything before attending this type of training.  However, you may find it helpful to take the online Basic Referee training offered at http://aysotraining.org before attending the course.  You will need your AYSO volunteer ID number to take this online training.

Online Companion Course - Online Course Plus Half Day In-Person Companion Training

Sometimes we offer our basic referee training as part online, and part in-person training.  You can take the online part of the training whenever it fits into your schedule.  The online training is offered at http://aysotraining.org.  You will need your AYSO volunteer ID number (which you got when you registered as an AYSO volunteer) to take this online training.

After completing the online training, you take the in-person Basic Referee Online Companion Course. The in-person training mainly involves work on the soccer field, but we also review what you learned online.  At the end of the training, we give the Basic Referee exam.  Again, be sure to enroll for the in-person course at eAYSO as described above - the only way we know how many people are coming to the in-person training is if you enroll at eAYSO.  We have no way of knowing you intend to come to the in-person training if you only take the online training.

Taking the online training, the in-person companion course, and passing the exam are all required to receive the AYSO Regional Referee certification.

This type of training has the advantage of flexibility - you take the online training whenever it fits your own schedule.  It also has the advantage that the in-person part of the training takes less time.  On the other hand, there's no one to ask if you have questions during the online training.  You have to save them to bring to the in-person training.